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Rules for Poultry

What exactly happens in transit

Poultry transports possible again

Special regulations for poultry:

Please read carefully.

  • Shipping is only possible within Germany.
  • Shipping or pick-up can only be carried out if all couriers (contracting parties, pick-ups, deliverers) involved in the transport have the approval according to VVV and EG VO1 / 2005.
  • Poultry may only be sent in special poultry boxes. Such box is available in our online shop.
  • Poultry in other cartons or packaging must not be transported. Only animals which are approved for this carton may be transported (see below for space requirements).
  • Larger or heavier animals can not be transported at present. The instructions printed on the cartons with regard to litter, supply, etc. must be observed.
  • The printed accompanying information must be completed and must not be covered.
  • Each carton may only be used once for a shipment.
  • The space requirements must be strictly adhered to and the accompanying information on the cardboard box must be filled by hand and must not be covered. The form has already been printed on the box:
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