Rules for Luggage XP

What exactly happens in transit

Important information about customs and insurance

Important for luggage transports:

Shipping within the EU

No baggage declaration is required for international baggage transport to the community territory of the European Union (EU). However, the import and customs regulations should also be observed here.

Shipping outside the EU

If international baggage transport ships to countries outside the EU, such as Switzerland, a fully completed customs declaration (packing list) is required. This has to be clearly and visibly attached to your luggage.

For forms, see Downloads.

Please pay attention to the individual import and customs regulations of the destination country in which you wish to ship your luggage. When entering the country, the prohibitions and limitations (for example, Nature Protection Act, the Trade Mark Law, "prohibited items" and the restrictions on quantity and value) must be observed.

In the case of deliveries to other European countries and beyond, charges may be levied by the local authorities due to special regulations and entry regulations, which we have no influence on and which we are not informed about in advance. Such charges will be charged immediately.

Duty-Free Amounts

The duty-free regime does not apply to baggage, which is carried by third parties (express direct). Customs have a so-called "right to look", which is used irregularly. Therefore your luggage should remain unsealed outside the EU. There must be no goods to be cleared (cigarettes, alcohol, etc.) in the luggage.

If any cigarettes, alcohol, perfume, jewelery, etc. purchased in the course of the journey are declared by the customs authorities in the event of a check, the customs shall charge additional fees in addition to the import duties. In addition, there are not inconsiderable costs for processing.

If you would like to bring your own cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, perfume, etc. on your travels, please take them with you in your hand luggage. No goods subject to customs clearance may be used. Please make sure that nothing is left in the suitcases except the pure travel luggage.

Also the customs informes

Duty-Free Amounts

On the Internet pages of the German Customs you will find further information about customs regulations.

Luggage insurance

Insurance luggage transport: Your baggage is, of course, insured against loss and damage by us in accordance with § 431 HGB. 500 Euros per bag in case of loss or damage are included in the price. Valuables such as (mobile phones, cameras, laptops, jewelry, money) are not covered by insurance.

Supplementary Insurance: If you would like additional insurance, please contact us:

by e-mail: Info@edn-die-Logistiker.dee or
by phone: +49 (0) 40 32 595 1001 or
by contact button.